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The smarter choice for your child's screentime.

With our world becoming increasingly technologically based, we know that screen time for your young one is inevitable. But what if their screen time could be active cognitive learning instead of just passive entertainment. PlayWisely videos are a healthier choice for your child's development. 

What if ensuring your child's developmental wellness could be fun?

We know raising a little one in the middle of a pandemic can be challenging. We are here to help your child continue healthy development from the comfort of your own home. With a plethora of fun and helpful research-based memberships, courses and blogs, you can be at peace knowing you are giving your child a steady foundation in the midst of ever-changing circumstances.


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What is developmental wellness

& how do we acquire it?

Developmental wellness is the purposeful, age-appropriate expression of the many innate developmental milestones for sensory, cognitive and physical development.

Sensory Health

Our purposeful play program is designed to turn on, tune in, and coordinate sensory system functions essential for propelling the quality of all future learning. 

Cognitive Development

We help your child pursue cognitive health by building and exercising key sensory system functions, laying foundations to enhance future learning abilities and experiences.

Physical Development

PlayWisely aims to build your child's developmental tool chest of physical skills that can be brought to the play ground, the classroom and the athletic fields.

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A monthly membership full of fun ways to engage  your child.

With our monthly membership you'll have access to our full course curriculum with the ability to select content that's helpful for your child's developmental stage.

Our developmental sciences and theories have been featured by leaders in science and education.

There's developmental science behind our play.

PlayWisely is the first developmental play system based upon the profound affect of gravity upon the form and function of human development.  PlayWisely's framework is built upon The Directionality Method™, which has received international recognition for its groundbreaking approach to early childhood development and learning.

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Baby Geniuses? We think not.

Our goal is not to create baby geniuses, but to foster a love of learning and developmental wellness that equips each child with a strong foundation that will serve their future dreams and passions. No matter what your child aspires to do, the developmental tool chest of skills and abilities experienced with PlayWisely will last a lifetime.

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When Learning is Fun, Confidence Comes

When learning is fun, your child can approach any future experience with confidence, knowing that they have the ability to learn whatever skills are necessary to be successful.

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How PlayWisely Online Works 

Monthly Membership

Our monthly membership is a subscription based online program that includes weekly content aimed specifically at your child's developmental needs and age level.

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What are the People Saying?

From parents to pediatricians and neuroscientists, people are stoked about PlayWisely!

Dominic L.

PlayWisely Parent

"I knew my child was picking up PlayWisely when as a two year old, he debated with a teacher whether a shape was a diamond or a rhombus."

Dr. Eugene Galanter

Columbia University

"PlayWisely is a potential mechanism to jump start a child's intellectual and athletic foundation!"

Dr. Susan Smart

Pediatrician & PlayWisely Parent

"As a pediatrician, I have read plenty of books on child development, to see PlayWisely in action is amazing!"

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