Research-based developmental wellness for your child, from your living room. 

The PlayWisely membership helps ignite the joy of discovery, the awe of new skills learned and the hope of future possibilities all accessible in the comfort of your own home. 

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Who says you can't explore and adventure in your own home?

Equip your child with a comprehensive developmental tool chest while instilling a love of movement and learning that will serve your child well for a lifetime.

PlayWisely is an easy and quick way for you to support your child's educational and physical journey.

Your child's education on YOUR terms.

We know there's a lot on your plate. With the busyness of life's demands, it can be hard to find time to devote to the truly important things. We're here to help you by ensuring your child's wellness on your own time and schedule. 

What's in the membership?

When you sign up for the membership you get access to content that is updated weekly! 

Cognitive Card Videos

The PlayWisely card system is specially designed to exercise sensory system function and coordination as well as promote fundamental school readiness skills. Our video format is a smarter choice for your child's screen time. 

Parent Child Activities

Each week you will receive a learning and movement activity designed for your child's developmental stage that can be done at home, one on one, creating structure for learning and strengthening the parent-child bond.

Community and Support

No matter what your child becomes passionate about, our blogs, community and PlayWisely team are here to support you by helping engage your child fully as they discover a purpose and realize their dreams.

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Hear what the people are saying!

From parents to pediatricians and neuroscientists, people are stoked about PlayWisely!

Dominic L.

PlayWisely Parent

"I knew my child was picking up PlayWisely when as a two year old, he debated with a teacher whether a shape was a diamond or a rhombus."

Dr. Eugene Galanter

Columbia University

"PlayWisely is a potential mechanism to jump start a child's intellectual and athletic foundation!"



Dr. Susan Smart

Pediatrician & PlayWisely Parent

"As a pediatrician, I have read plenty of books on child development, to see PlayWisely in action is amazing!"


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