There's Science Behind our Play!

PlayWisely uses key insights and research coming from science, education and performance sports to help optimize your child's natural development.

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Babies & Physics, What a Pair!

The PlayWisely membership, built on the directionality method, builds a broad base of age-appropriate skill experience for many of the core cognitive and motor milestones with the intent of developing good foundation technique at each level of development.


Baby Geniuses? We think not. 

Our goal is not to create baby geniuses, but to foster a love of learning and developmental wellness that equips each child with a strong foundation that will serve their future dreams and passions. No matter what your child aspires to do, the developmental tool chest of skills and abilities experienced in PlayWisely will last a lifetime.

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What's the Deal with Flashcards?

The cognitive card system fosters developmental wellness by facilitating the wiring of the essential neural architecture needed for propelling the quality of learning and movement ability during the early years of life.


Everybody’s got a Story, Here’s Ours!

Our founder was just a mom seeking answers. When they were difficult to find, she did her homework and created PlayWisely to equip children and give parents peace of mind.  We know as busy parents, it can be difficult to sift through the continual stream of new research regarding childhood development and this can often lead to more questions than answers. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and have choreographed a system of purposeful play techniques based on the latest science so that you can feel confident supporting your child’s development.

What does Zero Gravity at NASA have to do with your child?

While participating in a NASA research study on world class gymnasts in zero gravity, we gained insights into the physics of early human development and how our experience of gravity affects the form and function of human performance.

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A Sneak Peek Behind The PlayWisely Directionality Method™

You know by now that everything we do is backed by developmental science. Below you'll find some of our favorite foundational concepts.

Vision & Perception

The Cognitive Card System is designed to exercise visual field navigation and the efficiency of processing and recognition performance. The program incorporates visual skill development such as visual focus, eye teaming, tracking, acuity and discrimination.

Language & Communication

The PlayWisely Method encourages stimulation of language skills by incorporating rhythmic repetition of phonemes that opens a learning gateway to language and memory acquisition.  We aim to give your child a solid language foundation that they can build upon in the future.

Gross & Fine Motor

The Cognitive Card System is intended to exercise the efficiency and effectiveness of the motor responses. We believe turning on and tuning in the vestibular system leads to better awareness of fine and gross motor coordination in the earliest stages of childhood development.

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Hear what the people are saying!

From parents to pediatricians and neuroscientist, people are stoked about PlayWisely!

Dominic L.

PlayWisely Parent

"I knew my child was picking up PlayWisely when as a two year old, he debated with a teacher whether a shape was a diamond or a rhombus."

Dr. Eugene Galanter

Columbia University

"PlayWisely is a potential mechanism to jump start a child's intellectual and athletic foundation!"



Dr. Susan Smart

Pediatrician & PlayWisely Parent

"As a pediatrician, I have read plenty of books on child development, to see PlayWisely in action is amazing!"


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